$120AR OCZ Agility 3 SSD 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC


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for those about to rock, we salute... oh wait... recommend you read the rebate pdf.


It says only 1 rebate, per product, per household, per purchase.


Multiple purchases of the same product are only eligible for one rebate per promotion period.


Just in case anyone was planning to purchase two or more. (as I was).

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Once you upgrade the firmware, these things rock.. I have seen about 500Mb/s speed on these.


** absolutely upgrade the firmware before you use it. you will get all kinds of BSOD's with the older firmware.


as mentioned, only one rebate per period, or I would get another.. although I prefer the Vertex, These are nice.

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I plan to use this for my /home (samba home drives for windows stations) and /local *(apps)* filesystems on unRAID.

Since the network is going to be my limiting factor this will do very fine for those uses.


I'm more concerned with reliability then anything.

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you might consider a kingston, intel or mushkin drive.. for super solid.


I'll admit, a month ago I swore up and down and regretted ever getting an OCZ and since then they seem to have patched up the  bugs with the latest bios update.

I have 3x Solid3, 1x Agility3 and 3x Vertex3.


after the latest patches, I have had no issues at all. my unraid transfer speed is max wire speed.


The only reason i has so many  OCZ's is the price... once i got a few, i just kept the same models for raiding them.


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