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HP Issue Booting with HDD Enclosure USB attached

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Hello, I have the HP EliteDesk 800 35W G4 Desktop Mini PC and have a problem on bootup. Whenever I have my Mediasonic Probox (HDD power enclosure) USB device attached, it will freeze the PC on bootup, sometimes for a couple minutes, sometimes until I reboot it. I have no idea what's causing this issue as it doesn't happen on any other PC, not even my beelink mini pc.

 I know I can set the USB to not turn on until after boot, but I'm running Unraid of course.


When I have it plugged in when the PC turns on, it will freeze even if I'm just at the BIOS screen. And it will either unfreeze after 3 minutes or more likely just remain frozen until I turn it off manually. I have tried every option I can think of in the BIOS and nothing helps. I have replaced the USB cable, tried different ports, tried without any hard drives inside the enclosure.

Any recommendations as this is super annoying and I will have to return this PC if this cannot be accomplished. Thanks.


This is the enclosure for reference sake: https://mediasonicstore.com/products/mediasonic-4-bay-3-5-sata-hard-drive-enclosure-usb-3-0-esata-hf2-su3s2

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Please refrain from double posting. This is not helpful for you, for people trying to help and for future use by other users since answers will be all over the place.


For anyone interested, see here:

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