How to return to stock unraid?

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Hey guys, small question.


Im using unraid 5.0 beta8d and was wondering how i just go back to a clean beta8d, no plugins, nothing. Cause im using Simplefeatures and when i disable it from the go config file it just messes up the web page. Could i just erase the usb? reload beta8d and then what would be my next step?

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Ooo never thought of that, thank you i shall try that.


EDIT: That worked, but for some reason i cant see the check parity icon in the main menu? How do i scan to check? I did use Unmenu before but when i clicked check parity i have no idea if it actually was. How would i go about checking the status to see how long is left or its progress? Plus it said it was 15,000 days late lol.


EDIT2: NVM all solved, have a red drive.

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