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Tower cases with 5.25" drive bays top to bottom...

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6 hours ago, ashman70 said:

I have an Antec 1200 case with older horizontal 4 in 1 cages, I have an ATX board with a 16 port RAID controller, the cables that connect to the RAID controller plug in at the end of the card and my 4 in 1 bays hit them if I try and push them in all the way, so I have to leave them out a little which is ok as the server is a second back up server that is powered off most of the time. If you aren't using any HBA's that have cables that plug in at the end of the card, you should be fine.

I actually have one that has the plugs at the end. I’m thinking about probably just buying a bigger case with 9 x 5.25” bays. Going by measurements, I’ll probably roll with a used AZZA Solano 1000 or a Cooler Master Storm Trooper/Stryker if I can find one when the time comes. Either that or get a different HBA card or just buy 3 more of the Icy Dock MB153SP-B and those should easily fit without any changes in the Antec 900. I was really hoping the SuperMicro cages would fit without issue though.

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