Couchpotato V2 in testing Phase


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yep it runs


you can run it as nobody too with this startup line


python /PATH TO/  --config_file /PATH TO/settings.conf


you can set the datadir in the settings.conf


runs default on port 5050


as i said before it will scan your movie dir into the app...

BUT it is in the beginphase .... stilll a lot of errors in the log


if you have the time you can send updates to ruudburger



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  • 3 months later...

I've had couchpotato v2 working for a while now thanks to sacretagent. But I just realized it doesn't update. Has anyone got CP V2 to update? There's info on the main page for ubuntu but not sure how this pertains to unraid (excuse the linux noobness)


Linux (ubuntu / debian):

    Install GIT with apt-get install git-core
    'cd' to the folder of your choosing.
    Run git clone git://
    Then do python CouchPotatoServer/ to start


EDIT: Got it, stupid simple, just do what is listed above.

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