Found this gem at Urban Ore in Berkeley, CA


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I have a bunch of SCSI boxes like that. I have some that have 4 5.25"s


They can be retrofitted for 3x2 SATA drives if you wanted.

I was going to make one to put my RAID0/RAID1 SAFE33 setup in.

This way all the data drives are internal and I have an external setup for the RAID1 cache / RAID0 parity.

Since I have these spinning all the time, it works out OK for me.


As for throwing them out.. Well I would think ebay might work for some people.

As much as we rarely use this type of SCSI for storage, It's used on older synthesizers and samplers.

So there is an older used market for these.


I gave my friend a box of SCSI hard drives and he was jumping for joy because they were worth a good penny to people with keyboard and rackmount samplers.

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You could use some of these 4 in 1 hot-swap adapters, that let you mount 4 x 2.5 inch drives in one 5.25 inch bay:




I considered that as well.  I've never used those adapters, but I'm curious if they work well.  There's also a model that lets you pack 6x2.5" drives into a single 5.25" bay!  I'm currently using some single 2.5" bays (which use one 3.5" bay each) for the SSDs in my business server, but those won't be too useful in this box.


Weebo - think your friend wants the 1 GB SCSI drive I found in this box?  It is useless to me, I was just going to take it apart for the fun of it.

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