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USB Flash Drives

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Will all of these that are posted work as an unraid usb drive? I'm getting close to setting up a server and gonna start getting all my things together.

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Amazon Sales again:


Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB 2.0:

  16GB for $4.99

  32GB for $8.99


Sandisk Cruzer Ultra Fit USB 3.0

  16GB for $6.99

  32GB for $9.95


Remember to Smile :)


Sorry, I just found the post detailing problems running unRAID off of the 32GB Ultra Fits.

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Posted (edited)

I read somewhere that you might want to switch usb drive for a faster one if you just slapped unraid on an old one you had on hand, but what is a fast usb drive?



It seems that no matter which drive a search for on amazon half the comments are; "slow slow slow" -.-

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On 5/9/2019 at 7:02 AM, HAJFAJV said:

I read somewhere that you might want to switch usb drive for a faster one

Why? The only time USB speed is in issue is the first few seconds of booting, after that Unraid runs from RAM, and only uses the USB to read and save settings when they change. USB reliability is much more important than raw speed. To that end, I suggest a name brand small capacity (16GB or so) USB 2.0 model with a normal profile instead of the super small style that may have issues with cooling.

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I have been using the store branded usb drives from micro center without issue they are internally mounted though as they are pretty big in size length wise I like that they are transparent to a degree where the activity LED is really easily seen coming up on a year on the original install


Micro Center 16GB SuperSpeed USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Flash Drive @ $3.49

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