Conflicting S.M.A.R.T reports on new HD

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I just installed a new 3TB HD yesterday, formatted it, moved some data on to it and then started my parity sync.  During the parity sync, there were 288 errors reported on the new disc.  Every time I tried running a smart report on the drive in unraid and kept getting results saying it failed the smart test.


Today, I decided to take the drive out and run it through the seagate seatools program.  I ran all the tests (smart, short generic, long generic) and the drive passed all tests.  I'm not sure if I should try starting over with the drive in unraid or if I should RMA it and get a new one.  I'd like to save the time and headache of an RMA if this was some sort of anomaly that can be easily fixed.


Any suggestions?

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Now that I've removed it and put it back into the server, it's no longer failing the SMART (short) test on unraid.  The failures yesterday were read failures.

you've not posted the smart report.  I'll bet there were 1 or 2 sectors marked as un-readable.


A few un-readable sectors will NOT cause the drive to fail the manufacturer's tests.  They usually do not consider it failed until several thousand sectors are unreadable.  We have higher standards for reliability then they do.


Joe L.

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