Feature Request for unmounting array (should be simple)

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Right now, if I attempt to unmount my array, something seems to be running on my cache drive still. Not sure what it is, I can't identify it with fuser or lsof. Regardless, when I attempt to stop the array it inevitably has led to either a reboot (I killed to many things trying to get the file to be closed on the cache drive) or a manual umount from the commandline.


Right now, it seems that just "umount /mnt/cache" is being run to unmount the cache drive, as well as the others. Is it possible to add in if after a handful of tries they still don't unmount, to do a "umount -l" (which will unmount it gracefully, not allowing any new files to be opened, but old files will be closed by their owners before unmounting)


It seems to be a logical trade off. If you're stopping your array, you want it down. If you can't bring it down, there's not a lot of options other than a reboot while setting the array to not auto-start.


Any ideas/feedback?

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