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I currently have an Atom system running 4.7. As this unRAID server is reaching its limitations (case/sata-port and psu wise) I'm currently looking into upgrading my system. I want the new system to run SAB/SB/CP (my current system handles that already) + Plex and/or Airvideo.


I have some old stuff lying around : Pentium D930 + Abit IL-8 and i just bought a new case and new PSU (Antec 900 and Corsair CX500). In the future i would upgrade with Norco SS-500's when needed.


Now a couple of questions.:

Will the old CPU and Mobo do for the new system? Anyone with experience on the components?

Should i consider a change to the newest beta or just stick with 4.7 till the final?




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As I recall, those Pentium D chips were a excellent whole house heater  ;D 


I would be looking for a more modern motherboard and CPU.  These  two items will probably be the least expensive items in the entire build and careful choice could save their cost in reduced electrical charges.

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:) hehe


Ok thanks. I'll start to look out for a new mobo+cpu combo. I'd like it to be kinda futureproof as in low power usage but maximum potential for extra cpu-intensive stuff like airvideo or what the future might bring to unRAID-systems.


If anyone has suggestions be sure to let me know!

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I have to buy from European stores so a lot of recommendations aren't even for sale here.

I now have my eye on an i3-2100 (already have one of those in my regular desktop so easily replaced if necessary) and the following mobo : MSI B75A-G43 . It has 6 SATA's onboard, onboard video and 2 PCI-e / 3 PCI slots. However it also has the Realtek RTL8111E. Is this still a problem or has this been solved?

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My understanding is that the RTL8111E is working fine in V5beta14.

I do not have one to confirm this but I see no complaints about it in the beta thread.

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The offer for the 2100 I had my eye on is gone so now i'm thinking about these parts :


760GM-P23 (FX) (AMD 760G)

Athlon II X3 450 (3x 3200 MHz)

Corsair 4GB DDR3-1333 Kit (4096 MB)


any thoughts? I couldn't find the Greenleaf suggested 760GM-P33 but the board seems more or less similar (except a Realtek 8111E on this one)



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