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In need of a USB SD card reader

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As you have maybe seen in my now closed thread I have just ordered two Integral Memory Endurance SLC based 4GB SD cards, so now I am searching for a good USB SD card reader with a unique GUID / UUID to register for unRAID Plus.



I find there are several candidates:


Kingston MobileLite G2


Kingston MobileLite G3? (according to Kingston it should be ok)


Transcend P6? (can anyone confirm)


Transcend P5? (can anyone confirm)


Lacie DataShare? (not working!)


Integral SD Card Reader? (can anyone confirm)


SanDisk didn't understand why I was asking if I was a private person and insisted to know my company name and how many I wanted to buy before they would answer.

When I finally gave up in telling them that I was just me and only wanted one the result ended with don't buy SanDisk adapters.




Wich one would you recommend and know is working?

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using search "card reader"





the buy.com link is dead and so a google search found this http://www.amazon.com/Kingston-microSDHC-MRG2-SDC4-8GB/dp/B0028R617O


EDIT 1: Never mind, I suppose yuo need an SD read and not uSD

EDIT 2: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=18229.msg163441#msg163441

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Yep thats the only one I know of, but I'm just thinking there must be other too :)



I just send a mail to Lacie to see if they can tell me if theirs have unique IDs, also still waiting to hear from Kingston regarding the G3 (I send them a mail earlier today when I was still working on the other SLC thread) and lastly I send Integral an email about theirs. Btw, thank you for the link :D

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I got an answer from Kingston about the G3 reader:



With regards to your query, please note that the FCR-MLG3 has set VID and PID. The PID is unique to the product and the VID is a Kingston Vendor ID.


So I guess that means it also have a valid unique GUID right?

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Due to the fact a G2 cost half of a G3, I today went for it and ordered a MobileLite G2 from a retailer I have had really good deals with before - so it better be a genuine one with valid unique GUID!



I have not received more replies from the various manufactures I asked, so it's up to others from now on out to see if other readers are working too :)

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Response from Lacie:




This unit uses a Universal Identifier. This value is the same on every device of this model.


Even if these were unique to each unit, this would not guarantee anything, since even "unique" UUIDs can be the same on multiple devices. It just depends on who is making the device and what number they choose to assign.

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