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[Solved] Determine current memory speed...

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I need to add RAM to my unRAID box. Currently running 184-pin 512 MB (x2), but I don't know what speed these sticks are (400/333/266). They are old enough that the stickers are no longer there. I have two open slots and according to the MB manual, I should add in the exact same size and speed. Normally I'd use something like dmidecode, but of course unraid is really stripped down, so I'm looking for other options. I'm cheap, so I'm trying to avoid having to buy two new 1GB sticks. I guess worst case is I could pull them and have them tested, but that's just really inconvenient. Suggestions?


As an aside, this is fairly old equipment, so I'm a little leery of mixing mem types, which I have done in new hardware and it simply steps down to the lowest speed. I have a feeling it won't work on this.



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Try running Memtest on the UnRAID boot menu.  It won't tell you everything, but may give you enough info to deduce what you need.

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Perfect! That gave me what I needed. I don't know why I didn't think of that...thanx! Now, do you have a couple of sticks you want to donate?  ::) Told you I was cheap!  ;)

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Now, do you have a couple of sticks you want to donate?  ::) Told you I was cheap!  ;)


Wish I did!  But I'm in the 'no money' club too.  When I read about the systems of many other users here, I have to keep a drool-wiping hanky close!  But there are some of us that have to make do with hand-me-downs, huge sale discounts, and what ever is cheapest.

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