Mover script moved almost everything with a period in front?

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So i'm fairly new to unRAID but i am loving it so far when it does actually work.  I recently set up a cache drive to hold my sabnzbd, couchpotato, plex and sickbeard and i followed what the GAQ was telling me to do when i put a period in front of the folder to make the mover script skip miving files from the cache to the array.  So now my folders are like this:


/mnt/cache/Plex/.TEMP/(seperate folders for programs)


I have it set up so that once the files are downloaded and extracted, the files are moved to user share:


/mnt/user/Plex/Media/(type of media)


and that works great.  Thought i could sleep tight last night knowing i could wake up and have whatever files that were made moved to the array and have the programs work continuously as that was happening.  That did not end up happening as when i tried to log into my tower it wouldn't access it.  Had to push reset and after cancelling the programs from auto starting i managed to start the array and find that the many of the files behind the .TEMP had been moved???  Found them all sitting in the array and not in the cache which was not good at all.


I am not sure what is going on at all or maybe this is a once off.  I'm not even sure how to copy the folders and files back in place using commands so if i could at least do that it would be a start.


Is there anything I am doing wrong?

Should I edit the mover script?

Where and how do I edit the script?

How do I copy the folders that were moved in the array back to the cache?


Thankyou in advance for helping.  I am completely lost on this topic.

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HAHA, so simple.  Thanks mate you're a champ.


Also wondering if it is possible to move the files from their current location in








I tried to copy them using


cp /mnt/user/Plex/.TEMP /mnt/cache/.TEMP


but it says


cp :omitting directory '/mnt/user/Plex/.TEMP'


Is there anyway to copy over hidden folders?


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