Is it possible to install MySQL and MythTV Backend onto an unRAID box?

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I'm a total linux noob and have been using unRAID for about 6 months with fantastic success.


Recently I was able to (finally) talk my wife into letting us drop cable in favor of OTA broadcasts, Hulu, etc. and I did not realize at the time that MythTV is a linux only problem. I wasted about 3 days with a windows compiled version of MythTV before I read in a forum that everything but the backend will work in Windows...which makes it pretty useless.


So I have this lovely unRAID box sitting in my basement, is it possible to install MySQL and MythTV onto it so the PC serves dual purposes?


If it IS possible, please please please explain how to do it. Quite frankly, I don't know what I'm doing in Linux but I'm great at following directions ;)



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