[SOLVED]Do I need to reinstall the system?

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Dear all,

I have been using unraid 5, rc3. Then decided to upgrade to rc5. I did the upgrade replacing the bzimage and bzroot files. After starting the server everything worked great and didn't noticed any problems.

Two days later I have noticed that I can't perform smart tests from the web interface anymore and I got the message that disks need to be spinning in order to perform the test. This message appeared while all my disks was spinning. Restart didn't help at all.


Second problem: I can't install plugins anymore neither from unmenu nor manually. I have a console message saying that the upgradeplg command is not found.

Do I need to build the system from scratch or I have a chance to fix this issues without rebuilding?


Thanks in advance,

Best regards.



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Thank you chickensoup for your rapid reply. Currently I do not have a 93 477 77parity drive installed as I still transfer my files from different sources.

I will write here as soon as I upgrade to test-2. Hope this will resolve my problems.



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Alternatively you could try rc6-test2 as this appears to be the best "all-round" release candidate at the moment.

Mmmm... tried the rc6-test2, by replacing the bzimage and bzroot files, from v5.0-rc5. After reboot the webgui was gone, and so where my shares. I could see the disks and flash. Went back to rc5 as fast as i could...

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