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Everyone i have another decision that i need to work out. How does everyone get there internet to their server, wirelessly or ethernet? I would love wireless but I have a very weak signal in my home, so Im considering ethernet although i dont have a drop near my tv where the server will be located. any pros or cons for ethernet vs wireless?

If at all possible use wired.  No matter the signal or protocol (a/b/g/n) of wireless you're much better off having it wired.  Playing 1080p over wireless is going to be very difficult.

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I'd highly recommend it. One other option would be power line networking.  I've got a 200 mb on one of my clients and it works pretty well.  A little buffering when just starting videos but works perfectly fine once going.  Not sure if I'd want my server running off one unless you're only going to serve 1 client though.


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