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Hey Friendly Unraid users.


Im so excited! i just bought my pro version (actually got the two pack) and installed UnRaid. All day been messing around with all the features.


Anyway, im trying to setup user accounts to access folders. I THINK i have all the settings correct and yet when windows asks me to login with username and password (type them in) and says i dont have access. If i make the setting as "Public" then everything works fine. Am i missing something? do i need to mess with some windows setting?


Running version: 5.0-rc8a Pro


Iv been searching the manual but to be honest its not that helpful. Even if i search for "user shares" in the forums, it comes up with a different feature of UnRAID (the folder sharing aspect).  ***im sure there will be someone showing me a link :)


BONUS question = 5 points "is there a way to unshare (hidden) the "disk1, disk2..." folders. otherwise there really is no point to user shares :)


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The newest RC has some issues with SAMBA, you can find a package in the announcement thread to update it, look around page 8 or 9 to start. I'm not sure it'll help with this issue or not.


Here's a post describing the security.


Not sure if it helps, but I don't use users so I don't have anything else to add.

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Hey Friendly Unraid users.



BONUS question = 5 points "is there a way to unshare (hidden) the "disk1, disk2..." folders. otherwise there really is no point to user shares :)


I'm gonna go for that bonus:


Click on drive1 (or drive2, or drive4, etc) in the main screen, there you can choose if the share may be exported. Personally I choose exported hidden, that way you will not see the shares but they will be there.

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Well, i tried all.....


restarted server

restarted SMB

Renamed Workgroup to "WORKGROUP"

Added more users

changed Password

Double checked the actual config file (attached)


wanted to add: this is a fresh install no upgrading from 4.7....


Also to the person who suggested that thread....its only 1 page long. there was no "checkout page 8 or 9"  :(


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