Avoid data Corruption

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Let's assume my server has 3 HDD + 1 parity HDD.

In case of a silent corruption (or bit rot) on a single file, a new parity will be computed.

And now way to detect or prevent the file corruption, neither restore it to its healthy state.

Because there ar no checksum verification.

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There is a hashdeep package available via unMenu. It's mostly useful for drives with static content, e.g., archive or full media drives. It takes about 8 hours to create hashes for a 2T drive. A shell script should be able to limit it to only processing only new or updated files which should be much faster.

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Again I would ask, where are you experiencing this? I've read plenty of ZFS arguments about this but I remain pretty unconvinced that it's as common as asserted. My movies play, my compressed files aren't corrupted, and people with encrypted file systems aren't having them drop like flies. All of these things would be occurring if this issue was so common. HDD have a great deal of error correction built in, overcoming this is isn't trivial.


Create hashes for your files to detect it, create PAR files to correct for it, but I don't think you'll find yourself utilizing them and a great deal of effort maintaining them....

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