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Cannot enumerate directory - The specified network name is no longer available

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I am still struggling with this error in rc08a.


Through Samba share:

I am copying some back up folders from unraid to windows 2008 server, but it sometimes give me this the specified network name is no longer available error. 


Then I tried NFS, it also gives error Windows Error Code 2: The system cannot find the file specified


also I can not write big files ( over 1.5G ) through Samba, I am able to write those files using NFS though.


I am only using basic version, so no cache drive, and there is nothing in system log to help find the cause.


I have tried 3 different NIC on the Unraid, client side, 2 windows 7 , 1 windows 2008 server and all have the same issue.


What should I do to get rid of this error?


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The disk has many folders, some folders have sub-folders, sometimes are top folders , sometimes are deep subfolders.


In each folder, there might be 2000 files, or only 20 files.


It is a 2T drive, only filled about 900G


Also the issue happens a lot during read, not just write. As I am using freefilesync to copy from unraid to another windows machine, it pops up this error when scanning folders in unraid.

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The syslog is only 15 minutes long. Please provide a syslog the includes periods when the error occurs.

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That's all the syslog I was seeing at the time, I downloaded the syslog after the errror appeared, howerver there was nothing suspicious recorded in syslog.

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