[SOLVED-ish] Win 7 laptop needs usrname & pswd, win 7 does not to access shares

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Came accross some puzzeling behaviour on my newbuild and wanted to check it was correct before plowing ahead.


I'm running 5.0RC11

Its still new and I haven't added any passwords to root, nor any new users.

I've added shares with split level 0 and all settings are export and public.

I've got SMB set to Enable SMB = Yes(Workgroup) and Workgroup = WORKGROUP and Local Master = NP


My Win7 Home desktop, shows tower under the Networks folder and I'm able to map all the disks and all the shares (top folder in each disk).  All works perfectly and how I would expect it to.


On my Win7 Proffessional laptop, it also sees tower under the Network yet whenever I try to access it, win pops up the dialogue for username and password, and I've read that the latest versions of Unraid cannot use root as a network username.


If I type \\tower\disk1 for example it also asks for the username and password

However if I type \\\disk1 I get access no problem.  Note on this laptop I can also access the webpage using //tower or // without a problem.


So the questions are, why on one machine must I use the IP address rather than the name to avoid the password pop up and not on another PC.  This makes me think its a laptop issure rather than an Unraid issue. The laptop is a company device so may have some funky settings locked down that I don't know about.


Note that there is no one else on the network and I don't particulary want to have username and password access to all the disks so I did not intend adding users.


cheers all, and BTW the reason I went the unraid route is partially due to the great communitiy support, reminds me a bit of slim devices before logitech screwed up squeezebox.



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Had a good read of the link, thought it was the same problem, but I don't think so.


All my disks and shares are exported and public and don't require username or password from any other computer or media player, just my win 7 laptop and then only if I try to access via \\tower\share name.  It works ok via \\ipaddress\share name.


Its not a big deal as I know the IP address, just thought it was strange behaviour.



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On both Windows machine, go to 'Start', type 'Credential Manager' into the search window.  Check and see if one of the machine has some saved credentials.  See if there are any differences in how they are setup.


Second item, make sure your computer name and/or user name do not match any user on the server. 

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Ok, both my desktop and laptop had credentials on each other machines, so i deleted them.  Restarted router, unraid and PCs.


No difference.  I didn't want to change the local master to yes, because all the devices recognize the tower hostname and I have other servers (old ubuntu box) that are on the network and work.


However I reckon that its probably the laptop's fault.  Even if I attempt to map the drive using the use different credentials tick box, the laptop tries to log on using my works domain and username, while my unraid isn't using domains, its using workgroups.  So I select log on as a different user and then it asks for username and password.  I typed xyz into username, left the password blank and it maps the drive.


So I reckon its all about my works laptop set up to use active directories as its the only device that gave grief.  Since it lets me log on using anything typed into the username, I can leave that mapped to tower rather than the IP address.


So happy to leave it be at that.  Thank you for the help.





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