Seagate Backup Plus 4TB USB 3.0 external newegg: 139.99


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I also just received mine an it is also a DM.  I am currently running "badblocks" on it.  Will probably run it 3 times and preclear 3 times.  Waiting on my second drive which is coming from amazon.  For those that do not know how to get the drive out of a case, this is a good video (

.  I used a small putty knife as I feel it works better and does less damage. 


YYY=drive serial number

XXX=disk drive assignment as in "sdh"



WARNING: This is a destructive test as I have it below.  Do not run on drives in your array.


badblocks -b 4096 -c 98304 -p 0 -w -s -o /boot/preclear_reports/BadBlocks_Seagate_YYYY_3-27-2013 /dev/XXX


Run it from within screens so you can close the terminal window.


Update: 1.5 hours into the "Badblocks" test and the drive temps are at 34C.

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