New NAS cases by iStarUSA


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...add a 5-in3 and a 3in-2 to the 915 and your good to go (although this makes it quite expensive).


...and the model 917 is also now in the list:


Problem is that with a 5-in-3 and a 3-in-2 added, you no longer have an external 5.25" bay ... so any advantage those provided is gone.    That is, of course, one more drive than a PC-Q25B can support -- but a Plus license is restricted to 7 drives anyway, so that's not an advantage for a "Plus" system.

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who needs an external 5.25 on a NAS? ;-)  I know I know some people want opticals.  Still, I'd love it if they made their cases in multiples of 3 to coincide with using 5-in3's  It would make a theoretical 916 just a little shorter and a perfect 10 drive case.


I keep one external 5.25 installed with a trayless 3.5 hot swap adapter.  It's useful when I need / want to pre clear a disc or two without having to pull the server apart.

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