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I've been running this server for almost 2 years now but recently noticed a sudden change in performance. Long story short prior to RC15 I could write to cache at about 65mb/s and to the array around 35 to 40. Now on the newer versions and on 5 final cache writes are around 30 and array sits around 16 to 18. I have attached my syslog and the only thing I see is line 185 which I have no idea what that means as im a linux noob. Does anyone see anything that stands out and also please ignore the fan script spamming the syslog as I haven't figured out how to stop that yet.




PS: Parity checks run around 125mb/s


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If my count is right line 185 is:

Aug 29 13:44:15 Tower kernel: ENERGY_PERF_BIAS: Set to 'normal', was 'performance'
and I assume it's a BIOS setting on you SM mobo. Most of the time it's better to use factory default for BIOS settings. Is that the line you are worried about?


I'm guessing, but you may be seeing issues with your RAID controller even though you are getting good parity speeds. I didn't see a lot of other users with your card but you might need to update firmware.


Other than that look into ethtool it's a way to troubleshoot and isolate network based problems.

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Sorry my mistake the line is actually

Aug 29 13:44:15 Tower kernel: perf_event_intel: PEBS disabled due to CPU errata, please upgrade microcode

I just did some more tests and I can use mc and copy from disk to disk and speed is fine. I just copied a 12gb mkv from a windows 7 computer to the cache and it starts at 59 but drops to 28 within 10 seconds. Reading from a disk connected to the motherboard controller shows similar problems where it starts at 50 and quickly drops to 25 or so. Copying from pc to pc generally sits between 90 and 110 so im pretty sure the problem is with unraid or a setting I have missed.

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Well then I think you'll need to concentrate on the interconnection between the computers. Ethtool is what I suggest; there may be a client for windows. It could be cabling or your switch or windows 7.


There's the expression, "it takes two to Tango." You just have to find out who's stepping on whose foot. ;D


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