SuperC2SEE powers on by itself - how to disable? - SOLVED


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If I do a Powerdown, my system will shutdown.  However, in about 1 minute, it will power back on again.  I have disabled WOL, WOUSB, etc and still I can't figure out why my server will just power on by itself.  I want it to remain off when I do a powerdown.  In fact, I would never want my server to power on by itself.  I have the current bios and I have gone through every setting in the bios to no avail.


Anyone know how to fix this?

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I suspect that the power defaults to "Always On", and that the CMOS battery is dead so it's not retaining the actual setting you'd like to have.


That would explain why it's turning on ... and simply replacing the battery; then changing the setting in the BIOS; will resolve this.    As I noted before, if that's NOT the problem, then you've got a hardware failure.


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  • 1 month later...

swapped the battery and the issue has gone away - thanks Mr garycase.  It was weird as the battery must have been low, but not dead.  The reason is that some settings in the bios remained, but not the power settings.  The board was 5 years old with the original battery, so it needed to be changed in any case.



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