[SOLVED] Trust My Array Procedure

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I recently tried to upgrade a 1.5 TB drive to 4.0 TB drive, but something bad happened when trying to rebuild the replaced disk with existing parity (no drives past the replaced drive showed up on simple features and the unraid main page wouldn't load).


I had to reset the server, which then on reboot, caused a parity check with correct to begin.


I still have the old disk, however, so I'm pretty sure that my parity is bad, but all of the data disks are 'good'.


Right now, I've put the old "good" 1.5 TB drive back in, but it isn't assigned and the slot is red balled because it's expecting the 4 TB drive.


I "think" that I need re-assign the old 1.5 TB drive and run the trust my array procedure to get the array to accept the old drive back and rebuild parity based on the existing data. I want to make sure that I don't overwrite my existing data before I've had a chance to correct the parity drive.


It also looks like there are changes to the "trust my array" procedure for 5.0. Is there anything specific that I should be careful about?


Thanks in advance!

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My parity drive is 4TB.


I'm trying to figure out how I can force unraid to accept a drive and start without having it try to rebuild that drive from parity (since I'm pretty sure parity is invalid right now).


Once I have the drive accepted (since the data is still "good" on it), I can rebuild parity correctly with the accepted drive.


I'm wondering if the "trust my array" procedure is the correct way to accomplish this.

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weight until some one more experienced chime in,

but I think you might need to do New config to make the array accept old drive again.


or you can try to un assign the parity drive

and the new 4T drive

and than add the old 1.5T back

than add Parity Back and run parity rebuild.

not really sure what the right procedure in the v5.0

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