Smart Report Concerns with Seagate 3 TB drives

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Hi everyone,


I am experiencing what I think might be a problem with my Seagate 3 TB drives.  My server config is in my sig and I have attached a syslog and copies of the smart reports for the 4 3 TB Seagates in my array.  Each of these drives is showing either high fly writes or high load cycle counts or both.  The 2 TB drives show neither of these  errors. 


I just bought 3 more 3 TB Seagates and am preclearing them in a brand new 3 TB array running Unraid 5.0.  The preclear is not finished and already one drive has a high fly writes count of 1.  This occurred with one of the above drives.


No sectors have been reallocated on any of these drives, none are pending, and none have seen high temperatures. 


Is this an issue?  What should I do?


thanks for your help. 






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I remember the wd green drives had a problem with load cycle count. Is this no longer a problem?


I'm seriously very concerned about this.  Can someone please give me a more detailed answer?




the WD LCC issues were when the drive had very little poweron hours and an extremely high LCC count (100k+)


you are averaging around 1 LCC per power on hour, completely reasonable.

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The drives are fine. Leave them be.

I agree. In several decades of this stuff, I've never needed to 'upgrade' hard drive firmware.

Unless its to fix a fault that makes the drive unusable, I wouldn't mess with it.


(I'd share the list of all the stuff that I have bricked while 'fixing' them, but it's just too depressing.)

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