3x5.25" 5x3.5" cage with port expander?


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I just bought a new HDD and I am out of room in my case for it. I am planning on getting a 3x5.25" bay cage for 5x3.5" HDDs but am also out of sata ports. I remember seeming a cage that have a built in port multiplier but can't seem to find it. My motherboard only have 4 sata ports and I have a 2 port expansion card that is also full. I know it supports port multiplication. Are there any out there our should I go another route?

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There are several small EXTERNAL cases that come with built-in port multipliers.  Here's an example:



But I'm not aware of any internal units like this.  I'd assume that most manufacturers simply assume that if you're using an internal unit, you either have sufficient SATA ports, or will simply add a card to provide more.


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