Asrock B85m-ITX / Qualcomm Atheros AR8171

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Hey Gurus,


I upgraded my unRAID-Server today to an Asrock B85m-ITX with a Intel Core i3-4130. The network adapter is a Qualcomm Atheros AR8171. It seems that this NIC is not supported by unRAID. On ifconfig I only get the lo-interface. eth0 is not present at all. Any suggestions how to fix it?


Thanks for any help and best regards

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Thanks for reply!


It is an mini-ITX board and it has only one PCIe x16. This port is already in use by a SATA-controller. I will try this USB-LAN-adapter:

The drivers for ASIX AX88178 should be shipped since kernel 2.6. I'll give you a feedback.

The driver for my LAN-adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR8171 should be in kernel 3.10 and current unRAID OS 5.0.4 is on kernel 3.9  :(

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Short of compiling a custom kernel yourself, the only way is to send Tom an e-mail so the drivers can be included in the next release of unRAID.


PM dalben and ask him to do it for you. If he won't do it, I will do it this afternoon.


So you're not only deliberately undermining Lime Tech claiming no support for unRAID, but you're now redirecting people looking for assistance to places where you know they wont find it.


evilmon, as much as I would like to help, this isn't something I can help you with. Unfortunately there are some people on this forum deliberately trying to railroad the support provided for unRAID for their personal greater good.  Might be best to ignore them.  It's a shame the forum doesn't have an ignore feature.

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