New pen and new motherboard.

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Hi all.


I'm in a bit of a pickle...


My motherboard died, and took my flash drive with it, now; my 3 disks spin up (I only have the free version for now), and they sound healthy enough. I'm now hoping to that downloadning a new Copy of the free version, and plugging that into the new motherboard would solve my predicament.


What am I asking?


Well does a new Copy of unRaid recognize my disks, and the data on them, or am I pretty much screwed?





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If your disks are still good, you can plug them into any computer that will boot UnRAID and you'll be fine.


Since you're going to also be using a fresh install of UnRAID on a new flash drive, you DO need to be careful about which drives you assign as data & parity -- assigning a data drive as parity would destroy the data on it.


So ... plug the drives into a new PC.  Boot to your new UnRAID flash drive.  Assign ONE drive as a data drive; then Start the array.  If it tells you the drive is not formatted, STOP !!  Do a New Config and assign a different drive as the only data drive.  Start the array and confirm it's a good data drive (A data drive will NOT require formatting).    Then Stop the array and add another drive as the 2nd data drive.  Start the array again and confirm you've got the right two drives assigned (i.e. UnRAID does NOT want to format them).


Now that you've got both data drives assigned and working, you can assign the 3rd drive as parity, and let the system do its initial parity sync.


Done  :)

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It's up and running again (not that I had any doubt) :)

It was really easy too; no hassel, and no nasty surprises!... And it had that same clean feel to it, as when you do a clean install on any other system, if you catch my drift ;)



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