Duplicate files being created

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I am having issues with duplicate files being created in my music folder. I am thinking this has something to do with post processing on headphones as it only happens with certain songs. I feel like it is possibly happening if it doesn't find a match. Does anyone have any ideas what this may be? Also my cache drive under cache/apps/sabnzbd/downloads/complete, some files are not being removed. They also keep duplicating and never getting removed from the cache. The mover is moving the files because I can see them under the mapped share, but they are not being deleted. Yes I also have delete files after move checked.


I also just noticed that each duplicate that is being created, the file has been made when the mover script is running.

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Sorry to resurrect. Have you found a cause?


Same here; duplicate files (without and with tracknumber prefix) Seems it copies+renames but wont delete old file.

I noticed all tracks (within an album) with tracknumber are modified one minute later than the ones without.. 

And not by the mover i think, but by Headphones docker when its importing / sorting the files.


My setup also won't delete the folders that where processed using the "force import" option. File/folder owner is nobody and group is users though..


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