How much RAM do you have installed in your unRAID server?

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On 3/10/2022 at 4:07 AM, Geck0 said:

128 gb. 

Was running 16gb before, but it wasn't coping with Elasticsearch, whilst running media, etc.

128gb is overkill and I think 64 would be ample for most things.



I don't think 128 GB is overkill if you end up running a whole bunch of VMS or even a few VMS


Lots of RAM is never a problem haha


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 don't think 128 GB is overkill if you end up running a whole bunch of VMS or even a few VMS


Lots of RAM is never a problem haha



I don't disagree, but I think if you're running a daily unRaid, 64GB is comfortable. I went the best of what I could get at the time, because I don't want to build another for a while.


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On 4/9/2022 at 6:22 PM, maric said:

Running on an old HP Z820, way overkill for a home media server with a few docker containers and VM's but hey ho, we do like to play don't we.







Hey!!  I have the older brother to your toy!  My Z800 is max'd out with 96GB (12x 8GB ECC) for its dual x5690 Xeons.  Yeh, it's a bit overkill, but it's also no slouch in processing power.

Screenshot 2022-04-14 223344.png

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64GB, with two sticks. I'm using an old supermicro board (x9dre-tf+) that's compatible with LRDIMM ecc modules, so I decided to go with some IBM 1066MHz 32gb LRDIMMs, since they were cheap and some people on another forum said they'd work with my board. $34 a piece. I wanted to do some virtualization with my box, but haven't done any yet. A little bit overkill for the moment being.

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1 hour ago, jaylo123 said:

Here is my full component list:

If this rig is running unattended I highly recommend upgrading to a normal CPU cooler that doesn't rely on pumping liquid to keep the CPU from overheating. The worst that happens when a normal heatsink and fan combo quits is slightly elevated temperatures, slowly ramping up as the convection air keeps passing over the heavy block of copper and aluminum fins, and the system fans that are still running keep the box from melting down.


Worst case scenario with liquid cooling is ruined circuit boards below where the liquid leaked accompanied by a rapid overheating.


Desktop gaming rigs that are always within reach are great for liquid cooling, servers not so much.

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