my music disk share all flac files are 0 bytes

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Hey All,


Not sure what's happened, I am on 5.04 never had any issue with my music files. I went to play some music the other night on my voyage MPD alix box, which has never given me a days problem no playback all album titles are present on the unraid share. Tried XBMC no playback then I loaded up volumio on my raspi all no luck, dug into it a little deeper this morning and I see now that all of my music files are zero bytes except for a couple albums out of 600+. They all say they were modified on June 26 at 8:02 pm. Strange thing I never touched the server. We did have a power outage but I have a smart 2200 ups and powerdown script runs on both my servers. None of my movies or tv shows were affected nor any data on my other unraid server. I looked at the log but nothing stands out to me.


Not sure where to look but any advice would be great.





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Without a syslog, I'd suspect simple file directory corruption because of the power outage.


Shutdown the array, put the flash in a PC (Mac) and run chkdsk (Disk Utility) on it.


If that doesn't fix the problem, then check back in and post your syslog.


(If you use a web Gui  add on for unRAID ( like Dynamix or unMENU) the syslog may be on one of the web interface pages, too. Be sure to post the ENTIRE log, not just the little summary of the last 20 lines.)


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thanks for the reply, I pulled the flash and checked it and it was ok, I pulled the drive and ran a recovery on it and it found 945 files both flac and mp3's. nothing in order and no file names just the files but all the tag info seems in tact. So I cannot figure out why it would only affect music files and nothing else either on that disk 7 or any other disk. I am attaching a syslog I cannot see anything although it is from today I do not have one from the 26th, it jumps from the 22/06 to 29/06. I did run a file system check on that drive it is in the log I am attaching.





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