Trying to build unraid 6 test server


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Hi Guys,


I want to test out KVM functionality and some others in unraid 6 so I was thinking about building a cheap machine to do so.


I already have 4 GB of ram, PSU (CX430), some extra hdds, and a case (Source 210). 

so all i need is a mobo + cpu combo


Luckily, I have a Microcenter around and they have this new Mobo + CPU combo on sale




That's MSI Z97 PC Mate + G3258 for $99. there's possibilities of $10 rebate, but $100 is not too bad to spend on a test machine.


What do you guys think? Would this be okay to test VM functionality of the new unraid 6?

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Should be fine for a basic test setup -- doesn't support vt-d, so you won't be able to do pass-through; but that's not required for KVM, and it does have vt-x support for basic hardware virtualization.


thanks for the reply.


is it the CPU or MOBO that doesn't support vt-d?


CPU doesn't support vt-d for sure. and i guess i should ask MSI about this


i did want to test out the pass-through just to see if i can set up headless htpc, but this will do for now

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Clearly you looked up the specs and know the CPU doesn't support vt-d.    Can't say for sure about the motherboard -- it SHOULD if it's fully spec compliant; but some boards don't have this support in the BIOS.    Since you've already bought it, just look in the BIOS to see if there's a setting for vt-d (it'll likely be "greyed out" since your CPU doesn't support it; but at least you'll know if the BIOS has the option).


For the price, this is still an excellent spare/test server.


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