Can't transfer to/from Cache, or directly to Shares

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I'm running version 5.0.4 and I'm having issues with file transfers. Drive 1&2 are 100% full and I can't move items to/from of my cache drive. If I try to transfer from Cache manually to Disk 3 it will start and within 10-15 seconds will drop to 0 MB/sec and stall.


I originally thought maybe it was an issue with my brand new Disk 3, but I disabled Cache drive for my movie share and right now I'm transfering over the network directly to Disk 3 through SMB, albeit slow at 10-15 MB/sec.


Edit: scratch that, I cannot directly write to Disk 3 either. The upload went to 0 MB/sec and failed after I submitted this.


I'm also seeing a small amount of errors on my parity drive, It's up to 68 after 13 days of uptime.


Thoughts? :'(




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