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So just an update. This project fell off the radar. Unfortunately.


I have now reached 15 drives. And the problem now is my cables aren't able to reach the bottom set of drives. Also, my racks are a pain to put new drives in. I hate to say it, but I think a Norco 24bay is in the future.


But for the record, the setup works and has been awesome. Just will never be completed as other life priorities have taken over.

For archival sake, I will restore the broken photo links in the thread. Thanks for those that participated and see you next unfinished project I start.


And sorry, UnRaid Vintage Coke Machine probably won't happen either. /sniff

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Sorry to hear it's been abandoned before it was completed ... but I can certainly understand.  I have a LOT of unfinished projects I've started over the years that have been relegated to a back burner which I'm sure will never actually be lit  :)


But this was SO nice !!    And it sure seem like it was effectively "done" ... or at least "done enough" that it could have had a nice spot upstairs where you could show it off !!    As for SATA cables not reaching your drives -- SURELY 36" cables would work:


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I was going to continue Gman. I thought I figured it out. I just found this for $10 each:


3 drive cages from Corsair.



for 80$ I get 24 slots. Just need to make the frame to hold them all.


and for another $4, 2 SSD.



To bad I am Canadian. End cost goes from $84 to $200

Still cheaper than the Norco. 1st world problems. I just really hate having to spin this radio around to add drives. It's getting fraking heavy.

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I just really hate having to spin this radio around to add drives. It's getting fraking heavy.


How about putting the radio on top of a piece of 3/4" plywood with a Lazy Susan Bearing between the two? I am not sure how heavy the radio is so you would have to get a bearing that would support the weight. Also I would want a locking mechanism to stop it from spinning by its self.



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