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I think the ability to schedule out an automatic Parity check would be useful. Sure there is a script that runs a cron once a month, but a standard feature would be rather useful.


If not the script is still available via unMENU

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I gotta ask, not to be a punk about it, but why is this a 6.1 scheduled feature and not 6.0?


Isn't this just a matter of creating a cron job and a few gui fields to config it?  I mean there is already an unmenu package for this?  I ignorantly believe this could literally be done in an hour or less by someone who knows what they are doing ... I am clearly not that person :)  And I think ever unraid user could benefit from this too.

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I'd much prefer that I can check a portion of my drives at a time, especially straight after a mover run (which for me is 1AM) as some/all of the drives are already spinning.


Perhaps post a separate thread in the unscheduled area requesting partial parity checks.

There's a whole host of pros/cons questions and answers related to this in itself.


I've split the topic off here.

Partial / Incremental Parity Check


Let's keep this one as the scheduled part of initiating a parity check and the other one for the partial discussion.

Partial scheduled parity check still requires limetech's buy in on the idea.

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I'm cross posting another idea to this.


While many of us want regularly scheduled parity checks.


Perhaps there's a way to use cron and at to also submit an unscheduled parity check ahead of time.


This is born out of discussion from another feature request.

Postpone an automatic parity check?


It seems some people want to cancel the current running parity check and delay it

So this feature could be part of the scheduled by using cron for the regularly scheduled parity check and using at functionality to set something out of the normal cyclic schedule.

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Maybe something similar to what exists in Dynamix ?


I thought I'd have a glance at what might be coming in 6.1 and came across this thread.


Given how integrated Dynamix is into unRAID now. Is there any reason time needs to be spent on making this feature native?


If unRAID was going to move away from Dynamix I could see the benefit but it doesn't appear (from the outside) that this is going to be the case. If anything I would say it is the other way around.


This in my mind could probably be bumped to a later release (if that) in favor of something more important??



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I think it is still worth keeping as a feature thread because of the suggestions about implementing additional features as described by weebotech. I'm particularly interested in partial, more frequent checks so that the check doesn't take too long itself, but ultimately results in a shorter dwell between any given bit being checked.  For example, setting to scan 1/7th of the array every night right after the mover runs would mean no fraction of the system has a parity check date of greater than a week. On my 2TB-wide array that would mean a quick 1 hour scan. Probably not even a big deal for me, but I image those with 6TB wide arrays might find it nice especially if they have a few smaller and slow drives that really drag down the parity check speed.



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