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Definitely sounds like a nice feature -- but clearly it will be FAR more useful if this includes automatic notifications when key parameters change [i.e. I don't want messages telling me the power-on hours have changed; but I definitely want to know if the reallocated sector count is climbing.]


Ideally, there should be configurable parameters for notifications, so we can choose which attributes will cause notifications when they change.


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This feature is not related to displaying SMART data at a point in time. This is about logging SMART data over time for post drive life analysis (e.g. how long did the drive go before suffering any SMART errors, etc.)


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Fair enough.  But as I noted, it'd certainly be more useful if there was some notification when key parameters were changing or crossed certain thresholds.  I suspect much of this will be covered in the implementation of notifications => this historical data will clearly be useful in that case, so when you get a notification that a drive's in trouble, you can review the SMART history.


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Idea:  What having an option to send this life-to-death information back to limetech... This could build up statistical info on drive usage / lifetime / reliability..

Obviously this needs to be opt in only, so the information would be biased to those willing to participate, but it could still be interesting.
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