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Ok, noted.  I think I said somewhere we'd try to get this into the "next beta" - well next is -beta8 and it's not there yet, sorry.  Actually it was just supposed to be a patch, -beta7a, but then a docker issue pushed itself urgently to the top of the list to get done and we decided to just release as -beta8.  But good news is that -beta8 will make it much easier to users to update and for us to produce releases, so hopefully we get smaller releases out more often...

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This is the biggest part of the update for me since I run 100% apple products in my house. I will be testing this religiously when it comes out.


I also run Apple stuff, what exactly is this patch for? Is this to have AFP working with latest OS X ? I'm running Yosemite beta, I still access my Unraid (probably in SMB...).

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it’s to hopefully fix some of the flakiness in using AFP with Mac OS X. The version of netatalk in unRAID is very old. Yes, things work as they are now, but Time Machine is quite volatile.


Tom, I’m just happy to know it’s on the v6.0 roadmap. Beta 8, beta 9, beta 10, whatever, I don’t care.

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Something worth noting on this feature.  Tom actually found a bug in the netatalk 3.1.6 code and let the netatalk devs know so they could fix for which they responded quickly and patched.


This is a great example of why we can't always "just apply the open source update and release it.". This is also a great example of where something like an "apt-get update" method could actually have created more problems for our users than it would have solved.

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Just to note, since moving to v6b10a I haven’t had a single issue with Time Machine backing up. Previously I would routinely get messages that the backup failed for a variety of reasons. Now, not a single one. Thanks!


This has been my experience too on 6b10a;  Time Machine (Mavericks) will remount the Backup volume without any notice at all.  My wired Time Machine volume doesn't usually do that.



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