Guidelines for Defect Reports

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In the Subject: field, please put the exact version of unRAID OS you are running inside brackets.  For example:

[6.2.1] <your topic>


For Message icon: select the appropriate icon.


Please include as much information as possible in your report ([select]/copy/paste):


[b]How to reproduce:[/b] 

[b]Expected results:[/b] 

[b]Actual results:[/b] 

[b]Other information:[/b] 


Please visit Toosl/Diagnostics and attach the entire file to your post.


Plugins: A number of issues that can occur on a system could be the result of installed plugins that are not officially supported by Lime Technology.  Issues with plugins should be discussed in their respective forums and not posted here for repair.  If you're using ANY plugins on your system (additional Dynamix components, SNAP, etc.), please reboot in Safe Mode and see if the issue you're having still exists.  If so, post a defect report, but if not, try adding plugins back one by one until the issue occurs again.  Then report the issue in the relevant plugin thread.


Bare Metal Only: Due to resource constraints we cannot spend any time on issues where unRAID OS is running in a Virtual Machine of any kind.

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