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I think he means having unRAID act as a PXE Boot Server either natively or as some sort of plugin with a webGUI interface to manage it. This could probably be done with docker too although I haven't seen one yet. The idea was most likely from this thread http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=31297.0.


I've done this myself as outlined in that thread as I do a number of Windows installations and run Memtest86+ and on quite a few machines. I haven't used it since running the unRAID 6 beta's as I want to have a stock configuration during the beta cycle.

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I use dnsmasq to handle pxeboot (as a plugin under unRAID V5 and running in an ArchVM on V6 - actually, in V6 I've abandoned use of the dnsmasq tftp server, and installed the standard slackware tftp server).


Configuration of dnsmasq not very user-friendly - would it be possible to create a webgui for configuration?

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Been doing some reading and learning on the FOG project (Technically a cloning solution).  This could be developed into a docker solution and it would be a PXE server for many PXE served systems.




That looks promising, would be willing to test out if someone dockerizes it... Biggest thing is having a web interface to configure menus/settings for network boot for multiple cross-platform images...

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