Stopping docker img causes array wide spin up

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unRAID OS Version: v6b8


Description: Stopping docker img causes array wide spin up


How to reproduce: With array disks spun down, and img file on the cache drive set as a cache only share, stop the docker img and watch every array disk come up


Expected results:  Actions on an image file on a cache disk should not have an array wide effect


Actual results: All disks come up


Other information: Stock v6b8 except cache_dirs. At a guess we are issuing a SYNC when closing the img file which i believe is system wide.

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  • 3 years later...

I now have a mixed array of reiser and xfs disks and I can confirm that when I stop a docker container, if the array disks are spun down ONLY the resier disks spin up.


Is this a known issue or a config specific problem?

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Any thoughts on this. Best case scenario is that it is PEBCAK but it doesnt seem to be obvious if it is. The only thing I can think off I do differernt than "some" is I often use "/mnt/cache" rather than "/mnt/user/" although I dont see why this would cause spin up on.


As an illustration here is a before and after performing a single docker container stop. Notice the parity come up as well. Comparing write counts before and after (sorry I edited them out by mistake) I can see most of the RFS disks write count increase by 7 or 8. I am wondering if this is some sort of spin up caused by the docker container issuing a disk flush such as SYNC and RFS handing that differently than XFS.


This is really annoying so any insight would be very much appreciated.





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On 4/25/2018 at 9:51 AM, NAS said:

I now have a mixed array of reiser and xfs disks


Unfortunately this is a defect with the way ReiserFS sync is handled.  Actually the way file system sync is handled in the kernel has undergone several changes over the years and back when ReiserFS development stopped (you know why) kernel developers only made changes to keep this legacy FS "running" but without refinements really.


If you don't mind we should close this topic.

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