Dropbox(gfjardim) Issue

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I am running several docker apps - Sabnzbd, sickbeard, couch potato, Plex, plexwatch and Dropbox.


I also have a cache pool using btrfs.


When Dropbox is enabled, cache drives remain active along with any array drives I have media on for syncing with Dropbox.  The webgui for unraid becomes very slow to respond, it does eventually respond.  After sometime, cache drives eventually heat up and case fans become louder than usual to compensate.


As soon as I disable dropbox docker app, everything goes back to normal. 


Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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I am running the latest unraid ver 6.12


I am trying to install Dropbox.


I select the dropbox docker


According to the done log - all installs well and drop has green arrow


The problem is when i try to look at the logs at the dropbox dashboard for the URL that I need to cut and paste into a browser, which will let me login to my Dropbox account I never get any logs.


Got it working by looking at the logs in dropbox directly and then copy pasted the url that was in the logs.


Now,I am trying to figure out how to get a particular dropbox directory to sync with my unraid drop box




Any help would be appreciated



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