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OpenVPN Server & Client for unRAID 6.2+ (6.1 are still supported)

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If I use the official OpenVPN Connect on my Mac and use the profile without compression I get "TRANSPORT_ERROR".

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3 hours ago, Taddeusz said:

I just installed on my server. I'm trying to get a good client configuration. If I configure with Adaptive compression my Mac complains that LZO compression is deprecated but works fine on both Mac and my iOS devices. If I select LZ4 compression it works fine on my Mac but my iOS devices connect but can't seem to communicate. If I select no compression iOS works fine but my Mac Tunnelblick complains that the ovpn file has unrecognized options or missing parameters. What to do?


I'm actually switching from linuxserver.io's Docker. In that configuration I have compression disabled but it works fine.

Adaptive works on my iOS-12 devices.

LZ4 not on iOS-12 devices, was OK previously iOS 


Something have been broken in iOS-12 ??


Google it and there is a lot of discussion... Check OpenVPN forum for solutions

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I'm trying to assign static IP addresses to VPN clients, how to add client-config-dir do server configuration?

or is there some other way to accomplish this?

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