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Docker Containers dissapear upon reboot

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Hello All,


I am really excited to be able replace the Xen VM with docker and got stuck into it recently. Se up image of 20G in /mn/cache/docker.img. Pulled down needo's base and built some containers. All went well SAB/Sick/Couch all running and running.


Finally got SNAP working well and went ahead and rebooted to make sure the system was self sufficient only to find all containers are gone.


Came across http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=35439.0 who had the same problem and solved based on 10a. I am running 10a so hopefully i can get some advice here...





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I created a share, made sure that it was set as cache only.  Then I created the docker.img inside there along with all the config folders for the dockers that I planned to run.  Haven't had a problem with that set-up.


So check your disks to see if the docker.img was moved by the mover script.

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... Se up image of 20G in /mn/cache/docker.img...

If mn is what you really put instead of mnt, then that is your problem.

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