SOLVED: Shares Slow to Open w/ Large Amount of Files

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I have looked for a topic that would similarly describe / resolve my problem. Either I am blind or the topic doesn't exist yet. The issue really starts to happen mostly on folders with large amounts of files within them.


After about 600+ files, the folder (share) takes up to 30 seconds to open in Windows Explorer.


Example: As a photographer and with memory cards being 32 and 64 gig now. One folder can contain up to 2000  files or more.


Assume my directory structure is like so:


2014-10-28 - Melissa (Boudoir)

    Card 1    -> Contains 800 files

    Card 2    -> Contains 1200 files

    Card 3    -> Contains 1100 files


If I open Card 1, it takes about 15 seconds to list / open.

Then if I go back and select Card 2. It takes around 20 to 30 seconds.

If I go back, then back into Card 2, it's instant.


Some folders contain over 5000 files. That is an insane wait time.

Any suggestions other than having to break down the folders even more?

Not sure cache pressure is the issue.


This happens in Windows and even when another linux machine mounts the share.

Within UnRaid shell, instant.


Thanks and sorry if this has been covered before.


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The Photos drive currently resides only on 1 disk.


I tested and I can go back into a folder I had gone in before without wait. (how many times I can load new directories before the old ones I went into will (or if they will) slow down, unknown.


I will check out the cache_dirs. Seems about right. Thank you.

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