WebGUI intermittent - Version 6.0 beta 10a

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Hi all. Since updating to V6 Beta 10a I have noted a frustrating issue with the WebGUI. I use the latest version of Google Chrome, and address my server by its IP rather than a DNS name ie (that's the static IP I have allocated to the server). The interface seems to be intermittently unavailable. When I first log in, I get asked for credentials. After entering the root creds, when I press the login button, the request for credentials reappears. Sometimes I have to press login up to five or ten times, but eventually get to the main menu. Then if I want to go to the Settings menu or any other menu, I often get a "not found" message. Repeated browser refresh eventually gets me into the page. If I leave the page open and come back to it say a half hour later, I hit refresh and get asked for credentials again (as if the session expired - which didn't seem to happen in previous versions). Have I got a defect here, or have I done something silly or missed setting a preference somewhere? syslog attached. Let me know if you need to know hardware specs.


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