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I, personally, think that we need some type of information on the changes that are being made to plugins when they are updated on the 'Plugins' page.  This will allow the persons who are having issues to determine if an issue has been addressed.  If an issue has been addressed, the user can then test to verify that his issues have been resolved.


Ver 5.X Dynamix presents a 'pop-up' when a update is installed that shows the changes made.  When this is not completely ideal (A link to all changes to that plugin would be preferred), it is certainly better than nothing. 

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So the team actually saw this need as fairly easy to solve and already implemented this in the code to work where there will be an icon next to the update version that's available that when clicked, invokes a window with the release notes. (See below)


Thanks to bonienl and Eric for this!




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So how do we use this feature in our plugins?


This is very easy, you need to add a section CHANGES to your PLG file, see an example below. Remember that Markdown coding is used for formatting of the text.


<?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>



<!ENTITY name      "dynamix.active.streams">

<!ENTITY author    "Bergware">

<!ENTITY version  "2014.12.06">

<!ENTITY pluginURL "https://raw.github.com/bergware/dynamix/master/unRAIDv6/dynamix.active.streams.plg">



<PLUGIN name="&name;" author="&author;" version="&version;" pluginURL="&pluginURL;">




- fixed wrong placement of config file

- fixed regression error in names list



- fixed wrong file size display

- fixed compatability issue with unRAID v6



- initial release for unRAID v6




Copyright 2014, Bergware International

Dynamix Active Streams - Real-time monitoring of SMB shares




The 'pre-install' script.


<FILE Run="/bin/bash">


# Remove old 'source' files

rm -f $(ls /boot/config/plugins/&name;/&name;*.txz 2>/dev/null|grep -v '&version;')



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