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How to securely share with a windows 8.1 box that has @sign in username?

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I am quite new here, but am wondering how i solve this problem,  I have an email address as a user name on a couple of windows 8.1 machines on my network - I can't create a user in unraid beta 6-12 to set up a share that is secure.  Am i missing something or can anyone suggest a solution for this while still using that f'd up windows username?

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What you want is called "Credential Manager" and it's located in the "Control Panel". You want the selection [Windows Credentials]. You then want to select [Add a Windows credential]. You should see the following screen where you can enter in a simple username/password that you setup on unRAID.


Here's a lot more details on this -- http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/windows-and-office/manage-network-logon-credentials-in-microsoft-windows/


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Brit, thanks for your help - This is what ended up working for me specifically. 

Add a windows credential - internet address: Tower

username: computername\username



I got hung up just putting the username in without the computer name first, i found the format by looking at a few different shares.


I'm quickly realizing what a great and knowledgeable person you are Brit.  Thanks very much!

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