unRAID 6 NerdPack - CLI tools (iftop, iotop, screen, kbd, etc.)


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with my Xeon W-1350 powerTOP isn't working properly. From what I read, It could be because Powertop 2.13 isn't up to date for my CPU (similar issues with Powertop in the past, were solved by newer Powertop Versions.)


There is a PowerTop 2.14 available on Github at www.01.org/powertop , but in nerdpack only 2.13 is the newest - cloud that be right? Could you update it?


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11 hours ago, ibroker said:

Hello first of all very good work for this plugin tool I have a problem and I need node.js is there a possibility to insert this into the packet or another possibility to install it.
i'm from germany hope you understand me.

Node v14.13.0 is built-in to Unraid 6.9.2. If you need a newer version, run it in a Docker container.

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I'm unsure how dependencies work with NerdPack but I've been having an issue where Mosh quit working after a clean install of NerdPack.

libprotobuf.so.18: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 


After messing around way to long to try to figure out what I need to install I figured out I could install protobuf-3.7.1-x86_64-1cf.txz from NerdPack and now it works. I would expect when selecting Mosh in NerdPack it would know I need this and install it alongside Mosh.

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So, with unRAID 6.10.0, in Settings, User Preferences, after the Nerd Pack link it adds to extra "spaces?" And when using the Dynamix "Grey" theme it puts two spaces in and makes it look like the following, if I switch it to White "Default theme" you can tell it's still there just not as noticable.
I removed Nerd Pack and the issue went away, put it back and the issue came back.ad1f36ba5e18b3f062d8b5f070d2399e.jpg9e1a1367ced6a42254338eab19f60a87.jpg

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Did yesterday the update from 6.9.2 to 6.10.0.


After the update I found out that my powertop --auto-tune from the "go" file was no more executed.

So I switched to the plugin page and clicked the NerdPack. A window poped up and mentioned that the configured packages (as perl and powertop) are no more installed and if I want to install them again. I did this and everything was again ok.


Just wanted to mention this here as I think this is an unexpected behaviour?





PS: According to another user this happened also for him when he updated from the latest stable 6.9.2 to 6.10.0, but not on his second system when he updated from the latest RC to 6.10.0.

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