Plex: Guide to Moving Transcoding to RAM


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after some tests also consider to test the apps how they behave when tmpfs gets full


sample, plex has a management and is working in a 80 - 90 % windows when filling up


emby on livetv filling to 100 % and stops/crashing the stream, only exit, restart works, wont continue even it tries to free up ...

emby on local media also filled up to 100 % ... playback runs a little longer (due not a live stream) but also stalls after a while ...


both emby tests with active throttle on transcode


so, plex, good solution, emby, not (yet) prolly by emby design

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Hey everyone, just thought I'd put this up here after reading a syslog by another forum member and realizing a repeating pattern I've seen here where folks decide to let Plex create temporary files fo

By this guide Plex uses your RAM while transcoding which prevents wearing out your SSD.   Edit the Plex Container and enable the "Advanced View":   Add this to "Extra Paramet

That should be correct, also make sure that the "Transcoder temporary directory" in Plex is set to /transcode Transcoding can require a lot of space and there might be risk of running out of RAM.

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8 minutes ago, mgutt said:

Is it needed? As /transcode does not exists, it should fallback to /tmp automatically.

Good question, you have to test it if the path is not defined in the template but I would recommend to set it to '/tmp' just in case someone let's the mount for it in the template...

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43 minutes ago, alturismo said:

here a sample when emby stalls ... after 100 % fillrate in /tmp


stream stops, cant continue, only stop and restart stream.

This is eventually something for the Emby forums...

Wonder if Jellyfin does the same he thought and fired up his dev machine... :D


EDIT: Jellyfin does the same like Emby... Just ends if the transcoding cache is full, if you end the movie and go back to the main menu the transcoding cache is cleaned but that's also something for the Jellyfin Github issue tracker.

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52 minutes ago, mgutt said:

Is it needed? As /transcode does not exists, it should fallback to /tmp automatically.


Yes it is needed as /transcode will be created, even it is not mapped through the containers settings.


So I will hopefully update my guide for the last time ^^ EDIT: Done.

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